Friday, April 29, 2005

A Dark Knight at Wayne Manor (Finale)

Joe Nelson — Checkmate Medic, first class — jogged into the mansion’s front door. His gun was drawn and he moved with as much stealth as he could muster. The last thing he wanted was to get caught flatfooted by one of the opposing powers. That would just suck. He entered the main great room of the house and scanned for enemies. He didn’t see anything in the room, but through the large sliding glass door that lead from the room onto a back patio, he saw what looked to be a powers convention. All of them were there, Nightwing, Doc Samson, Hawkman, and it looked like a couple of them had been seriously hurt and were being attended to by some paramedics. Hooray for our team, he thought. With his gun pointed toward the glass doors, he knelt down behind a couch to see what, if anything he might be able to do to help his cause. But being a medic first and a fighter second meant that he had absolutely no intention of taking on that assemblage of power all by himself. Moments later, though, the odds were tipped a bit back in his favor when he saw Dove carry Batman into the room.

Batman took up a position near the medic and growled, "When I make my move, cover me." The medic nodded, fear of the man in black leaving him unable to talk.

The men turned back toward the tableau outside the glass doors and watched as one of the medics helped Nightwing to his feet. A muffled "thank you" could be heard through the door. Suddenly, Nightwing’s head snapped in the direction of the Checkmate Medic and he pointed first into the mansion and then toward Iceman and Doc Samson. "Checkmate agent in the mansion, get in there!" Once again, Iceman did as he was told (but only after mumbling something along the lines of, "what am I, a taxi?") and slid himself and Doc Samson through the glass doors — which he shattered with a few ice darts as they approached — and flew Samson into the room.

"Wait, go that way!" Doc Samson called out as they entered the Mansion. He had seen Dove out of the corner of his eye and he decided that she was a more dangerous opponent than the man in black and gold. Iceman dropped Doc Samson near Dove. As he was about to approach her, who should he now happen to see, but Batman. Suddenly, Dove had moved one notch down the list of targets as well.

"This is for that little gamma bomb trick!" yelled Samson as he pivoted and took a swing at Batman.

In your dreams, thought Batman as he easily parried the blow. "Get me to those medics," Batman said to dove, and the young woman in the bay blue costume picked up her leader, swung him in a wide arc around the enraged Doc Samson and flew out through the broken glass doors. Within seconds, Batman had knocked out one of medics with a vicious blow to the back of the neck and had eliminated the usefulness of another by kicking her medical supplies out of her reach.

"Follow him," said Doc Samson to Iceman who, once again, glided away pulling Doc Samson with him. "Running away from me, little man," asked Doc Samson when he was in arms reach of Batman. "I expected better." Samson took a mighty swing at the Dark Knight who easily ducked the blow.

Idiot, thought Batman as he pulled another tube from his utility belt. This time, though, rather than toss it, he hit another button and a beam of green light shot out from the end of the tube and struck Doc Samson square in the chest. Samson staggered backward just as Batman let fly with a roundhouse kick. Luckily for Doc Samson, his stagger backward was just enough to throw Batman’s aim off and he missed.

Sensing that this could be the best chance they have had to end this insanity, Nightwing rolled away from the medic that had been tending to him to get a clear line of fire. Once that was achieved, he let fly with another nighterang that thunked solidly into Batman’s arm.

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn, not wanting to be left out of the fun, had run through the mansion and was stepping out onto the patio. Smiling, she pulled out an enormous megaphone from a heretofore unseen backpack and pointed it at Doc Samson. She pulled the trigger and the speaker extended outward on a long retractable arm. The megaphone halted three inches from Doc Samson’s left ear. With a barely suppressed giggle, she screamed into the mouthpiece, "Ehhh, What’s up Doc!"

Startled and annoyed, Doc Samson turned toward the girl in the harlequin makeup who was now rolling on the ground laughing at her own wit.

This loss of focus gave Dove (remember Dove?) an opening to attack the big, green haired man. Her aim was true and she hit the man who was still suffering from the effects of Batman’s gamma ray blast a tremendous martial arts-like blow that knocked the wind out of him.
In the confusion of the moment, Hawkman took the opportunity to attack Batman. Luckily for him, the Dark Knight’s attention was focused on Nightwing. He raised his mace and sent down a thundering blow onto the back of Batman’s head. Sparks flew when the blow connected and Batman crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

Harley immediately stopped laughing and jumped to her feet. "Well," she says, "that was fun. Uhh...ta ta!" And with that she ran back into the mansion and disappeared.

Confronted by superior numbers, and many people she knew, Dove surrendered peacefully and explained that she was only working with Batman because he asked her to. She had no idea until tonight just how out of whack he had gotten.

For their part, the two Checkmate Medics and Man-Bat also slipped away as the heroes went to tie up Bane and tend to Batman.

Batman regained consciousness within a few minutes after the end of the battle. During that time, Nightwing and Doc Samson had been trying to figure out why Hawkman’s blow to the back of Batman’s head had created sparks. The answer was that a small electronic device had been attached to the back of his cowl. Upon reviving, Nightwing handed the remains of the device to Batman.

"So, Batman, can you tell me what’s going on?" asked Nightwing.

Batman studied the device for a few moments, before the answer came to him.

"Somehow the Mad Hatter must have gotten this mind control device onto me the other night when I was stopping a robbery over in The Hill.

"I think I’m going to have to pay a visit on dear old Jervis."

But that is another story for another day.....


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