Monday, April 25, 2005

A Dark Knight at Wayne Manor

Okay, this is a little creative qriting assignment I gave myself after a night of playing Hero Clix with some friends. If you have ever played Clix, there are several things you will notice. 1) This is a mixed Marvel/DC game. 2) This game took place a couple of years ago, so what happens here is governed by the original rules (in other words, "taxi-ing" is still an important part of the game). 3) Some powers are hard to translate into prose (Outwit, I'm looking at you!), but I think I did a decent job.

Finally, this was a rather long battle, so I will be breaking it up over 4 or 5 posts. Hope you like it!


Nightwing chuckled ruefully as Bobby Drake formed an ice sculpture in the shape of the Bat-signal. "Unless we’re able to bring Batman back to his senses, that may be the closest anyone comes to seeing that signal again."

"I know," Bobby responded. "It’s really sad to see such a great hero and leader like Batman acting like this."

"I’m still convinced that there is something wrong. He has to be under someone’s control or there has to be some other explanation. I’ve known Batman a long time and this is totally out of character for him." Nightwing frowned. "I can only hope that once we’ve captured him we can find out what’s going on." He tossed a rock out into the pool behind Wayne Manor.

There was a rustle of feathers and Nightwing looked up.

"They’re here," said a gruff voice.

"Thanks, Hawkman. Who’s with him?"

"Best as I could tell, Dove, Harley Quinn, two Checkmate agents, Man-Bat...and Bane."

"Wow." Nightwing sighed. "Well, at least he hasn’t started teaming up with the Joker."

"Hmph," replied Hawkman, non-plussed.

"Okay folks, let’s do it." Nightwing turned to his makeshift team. With a dramatic flourish, Bobby transformed into Iceman. Doc Samson smiled slightly and cracked his knuckles. Destiny remained inscrutable behind her golden mask. The three paramedics that had agreed to work with the team looked at each other nervously. They were not used to working around powers and the prospect of getting caught in the crossfire of a major showdown such as this had them on edge.

"Ladies, I know that you are nervous, but your agreeing to be here is much appreciated. We will do everything we can to keep you out of harm’s way by moving the battle as far from you as possible. But you will need to remain on guard and be ready to help out at a moment’s notice. Every second is going to count. Okay?"

They each nodded.

"Great." Nightwing smiled his best pretty-boy smile and touched each of them on their shoulder. "You’ll do great.

"Destiny, I want you, Sheila, Amy, and Juanda to take up a position along the back wall of the mansion. It’ll provide you with cover and allow you to move quickly to help out where needed."

# # #