Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That Was Yesterday…

Well, let me tell you all about yesterday.

8:30am – I roll out of bed at my friend’s house in Annandale, VA. I am supposed to visit some friends at my old place of employment, the law firm of Van Ness Feldman, before my lunch meeting with the other investors involved in potentially buying out the DC store.

9:30am – I get on the road. It should take me about 25 minutes to get to the office and I had promised folks that I would be there by 10:00am. I know that I am cutting it a little close, but my friend was playing Halo 2, so I HAD to sit down for a few minutes to play.

9:45am – I am reminded of one of the key reasons why I left Northern Virginia. The traffic. YEARRGH!! Shouldn’t all you people be at work already? I’m unemployed, what’s your excuse!!

10:15am – I pull into the parking garage, take the elevator up to the 5th floor and begin visiting with some of my old buds. The place looks good – it hasn’t changed much in a month. But I have. How so? Well, I referred to one of the partners I saw in the hallway as “Dude,” and didn’t for a second worry about how that might reflect upon me during my next review.

11:35am – I finish my visiting and decide since it is a lovely and relatively cool day, I’ll walk the 2 miles to Dogs by Day rather than take a cab. I realize I might be 5 minutes or so late, so I call Scip and let him know. Being the easygoing guy he is, he says no sweat.

11:45am – I start to realize that I may have made a big mistake. It may not be all that hot, but it is MUCH more humid than I had planned on. Unfortunately, my walk has taken me a bit off the beaten path, so catching a cab isn’t really an option at this point.

12:10pm – I arrive at Dogs By Day (one of the two businesses potential investor #2, Linda, currently owns) a little winded and much damper than when I started. No sweat, indeed.

12:30pm – Linda, Scip, and I sit down for a two and a half hour discussion that runs the gamut of relevant issues. While Scip and Linda have known each other for many years, I take the opportunity to learn about her and introduced myself in kind. She comes across as a very impressive woman – the kind of woman I would like to work for if I was looking for a job and certainly the kind of woman that I feel comfortable going into business with. Her philosophy of what makes a store special is directly in line with mine, and her focus on treating her employees as people is refreshing.

In the end, we agreed that the three of us are definitely going to be making a run at buying the DC store. The major issue confronting us is finding a cost that all of us can agree on. Scip will be contacting the store’s current owner within the day to see when we can sit down with him and begin those discussions. If he wants too much for the store, we are more than willing to walk away from the whole thing. But if we can find a price that we all feel is fair, watch out.

Should everything go well, I’ll be free to discuss in more detail the plans for the store. For now, though I can leave you with one encouraging piece of news. Everyone at the table liked the name Big Monkey Comics, so fear not true believers, in one form or another, the Big Monkey WILL see the light of day.

6:15pm -- Batman Begins begins to unspool before my hungry eyes.

8:30pm – Oh. My. God. Mine eyes have seen the glory of Nolan and Bale. Without a doubt, the best of the Batman movies. The script is solid and the acting is very good. Bale is a really good Batman, and Cilian Murphy’s Scarecrown is just GREAT. The fanboy in me LOVED seeing the aerial tracking shot that swept over Gotham – it WAS Gotham…from the comics…I could see the map in my head and pick out individual landmarks in the shot. Shiver.

And Mr. Zsazz is there!

And really, isn’t a real gift to the fanboys just to make Ra’s al Ghul the main villain? I mean outside of the regular Batman readers, who’s ever heard of him? And they made him cool. And his motivation in the movie was certainly a bit tighter than in the comics. Nice scripting there.

So yeah, Tuesday, June 21 was a good day for me.