Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Two Weeks?! What Has Happened?

Well, it looks like it has been roughly TWO WEEKS since I last made a post. Sad, just sad. Well, part of the reason for that is that I can't really discuss the specifics of what is going on with our store acquisition efforts.

What I can say is that all parties have discussed specifics relating to what the sellers want by way of compensation and what we actually want to spend. The negotiations are now beginning in earnest, and only time will tell with regards to how successful we will be in coming to a number that everyone is comfortable with. I am still a bit more than cautiously optimistic at this point regarding how this is all going to end up, though.

We are making other steps, however. I am in the process of creating an ebay store through which the store will be selling its back issue inventory (in addition to other avenues) This is INCREDIBLY time consuming at this point. Especially as an ebay novice (I have a rating of 7 -- SEVEN?!) which means that I am making a lot of mistakes. It took me an hour to input my first comic book since I was trying to set up the tmeplate for the store, etc. At this point, I've still only been able to cut down the process to about 3-4 minutes per book...which when you are talking about the 4,500+ books I am looking to get input, you can see why I am (and will continue) to look at this project with some trepidation.

At this point, I am using my personal comic book collection as the seed stock for the store (with some things being taken out that I am particularly partial to). Assuming that the deal goes through to buy the existing store, then we will also have that back stock to input as well. And I have a feeling that since I started this project it will be mine until the bitter end. *sigh*

In case you want to buy anything, feel free to swing by the old store and pick something up. I've only inputted through Advanced Dungeons & Dragons number 11, so bear with me!

And give me your thoughts on the pricing and the information I have provided for each entry. Heck anything at all. I NEED all the help I can get!!

Unfortunately, I think that is all I've got to say at this point. I am very hopeful that somethig will break through on the store purchasing front in the near future, so when I actually know something, I will let YOU know.



At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack, I live in DC and currently go to Big Planet Comics, right around the street from your target store. I think your target definitely has the location edge on Big Planet and the window display is definitely a plus. But, I like the organization/layout -- feels cozy without feeling cramped --- of Big Planet Comics better so that's where I do my buying. Of course, I've never been in there with more than 5 people. But, in any event, good luck to you!


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. For your ebay store, can you make the scans of your comics larger by any chance? -Rob

At 1:17 PM, Blogger JackM said...

Actually, the images I have on the store are lifted from another website since original digital images would be better than just about anything I could scan in (and it takes a LOT less time to put an entry into the system).
And I hope that if the sale goes through, you will take the time to swing by our shop! We have a lot of plans in store !

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Brett said...

Good afternoon, Jack!

I don't know the location of the store that you are looking at in the district, but it seems like some of your other readers do. You may want to go in and edit/remove the posts by others until all plans are firm. Trust me...if you are looking at that particular store...others are as well.
just a friendly tip from the comic community.



At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Duncan said...


I am curious about your online eBay store. What sort of success are you having with it?

At 11:52 AM, Blogger JackM said...

At this point, we've only had one sale, but I'll take it! I also have not yet begun advertising or trying to promote it in any way. I envision the store as being more of an extension of the brick and mortar store, rather than a true stand-alone entity. A place where those who actually want the old books can go buy, while those who are more comfortable picking up the stories in trade form are able to do so at the store itself.

We will be promoting it in the store via flyers, and we will have all of our big sales on back issues the website, rather than in the store itself so that it will act as both a reward to loyal customers as well as a way to encourage people to visit and maybe buy things they might not otherwise have considered.

But thus far, only one sale...but it was for $7.00 and it happened the day after I began uploading books, so I read that as a decent sign!

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