Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Big Monkey is Alive and Well...on eBay

Okay, it’s official as a blogger, I kind of suck.

I had every intention of trying to keep this thing on a weekly schedule, and then…well, it just kind of fell apart. Fortunately the reason that I have not been better about keeping up the site is because I have been REALLY busy trying to get this store up and running. SO you see, it isn’t COMPLETELY because I’m a lazy slob!

Here is the news as best as I can relate it…Activity on the DC store is still moving along VERY quickly. We are all quite confident that very soon, we can start making some official proclamations about what is going on. For the time being let me simply say that we are looking to make a big splash on a couple of different fronts, and all of us that are involved in Big Monkey, LLC have been working very hard to ensure that everything goes down the way we want it to. I am extremely excited about what is in store!

The biggest single reason I haven’t done any blogging lately, though, is that I have been working diligently to get our eBay store up and running. Getting books onto the site – even using their power lister – is quite time consuming. I must spend at lest 2 or 3 hours every day inputting comics. At this point, we’ve got over 1,400 books in the store. And I’m not yet even through the D’s of my own personal collection (which I am donating to the cause) so you can see the hill I am trying to climb here. In addition to the listing of books, I have also been very busy (surprisingly) SELLING books as well. As you will recall, about a month ago, I had an eBay rating of 7. Well, that listing is now up to 24 (with a 100% positive rating, I say with no small sense of pride). And in truth if all of our customers who bought books from us had taken the time to leave feedback, we’d probably be pushing a rating of 40 or so.

The eBay experience is actually something that has surprised me. First off, I never thought I would be selling very much this fast. I say this because I didn’t understand how eBay worked when I got the Big Monkey store up and running a month ago. I chose to sell all of our books in a store with a fixed price – rather than as an auction – and I didn’t think that our products would even show up when someone ran a search. Wrong! You just show up farther down the list, with the auctioneers getting the first spots. However, if you price your books fairly, customers will find you.

Another surprise has been what kinds of books I have been selling. The research I did prior to starting the eBay store led me to believe that the Marvel stuff would be the biggest sellers, and it would behoove me to create not only a Marvel section in the store, but also a Spider-Man and an X-Men section. Well, to date, I have sold VERY little Marvel stuff, but the DC books (and in particular Bat-family titles) have been flying off the virtual shelves. Being a DC guy myself, that makes me feel good because I know that there are others out there who like the No Man’s Land stories as much as I do. There has also been a pretty steady appetite for horror books (Clive Barker stuff) and Sci-Fi (Predator and Aliens in particular). This is fascinating to say the least.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Bye for now!