Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Quiet Day, But a Busy Week...

Well, we have officially had no customers today. My first shutout since we opened. I'm not too dispirited by that, though, since we have actually been busier over the previous few days than I would have thought. We have a couple of subscribers, and the store has been making money.

Most gratifying was when I turned a gentleman on the the first Y: The Last Man trade, which he bought. He came back the next day so enthusiastic about it that he bought the next four trades so he could catch up with the story. I actually think he may begin buying the book monthly. That was pretty cool.

Also sold some comics and some game paraphenalia to a few kids that stopped by. Overall, I feel really good about the first week. Especially since our advertising hasn't yet begun, and most of our traffic was from people who were in the strip mall for another reason and decided to stop by. Thought I would like to give a shout out to those of you who stopped by based upon this blog. Your patronage is MUCH appreciated.

Well, since today was so slow (read: no customers) I spent the time actually continuing to upload books on to our online store (the link for which is located on the upper right corner of this page). Back up over the 4,500 book mark. I should be able to hit 5,000 again by the end of next week...unless we get really busy in the store. This would be, as my partner Scip says, a High Quality Problem.

I also went through and did my preliminary Previews order for the month. Ended up ordering a lot more this time than I did the previous month under the assumption that by the time these books arive in January our clientelle will have begun to expand. Here's hoping!

Next week I'm going to upload a few pictures of the store so you can see how the place looks. I'm actually pretty happy with it. I have a big room in the back that needs some more stuff in it, but otherwise, it is coming together nicely.

Okay folks, have a great weekend!


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