Friday, November 25, 2005

Week Two...

Well, here we are. The initial rush of the first week of operation has passed, and we are SLOWLY beginning to settle into a routine. I don't think a routine will really be in place for some time, since each day I am thinking of new things that can be done, but the place is starting to feel more like home.

Had a solid Wednesday. Saw a few new faces and several return customers. That feels good -- repeat customers is the lifeblood of a store like this.

We are also beginning to see SOME impact of the advertising we are doing (currently just in the newspaper, but to expand soon). I don't think any of the folks who came by were there as a result of the advertising, but we did get a lot of phone calls asking about the hours, etc. The ads should be running 2-3 times a week until the end of the year and then we'll decide about whether or not to keep them going. I'm 99% sure we will keep them going in some fashion since we HAVE to advertise to get anyone in the door. The shopping center is not on the main drag, so very few people are going to see the store if they don't already know to look for it.

Had an interesting visitor today. I could tell from the minute he entered the store that he was unlikely to buy anything since he didn't make eye contact and was EXTREMELY reluctant to make conversation. He walked around the store for a few minutes and then slipped out the front, hopped in his car, and left. My guess? He is probably a regular at the other store in the area and he was dispatched by the store (or just curious) to check us out. Could be wrong, but I doubt highly he will be back.

Placed some orders today for some Star Wars-related stuff. Specifically, I decided to take some of our eBay earning and reinvest them in Star Wars Miniatures gaming supplies. I've had a couple people ask about it and other related Star Wars stuff, so I figured I'd put that on the walls and see how it sells. Need to find the right mix of toys and comics to get all of the different types of customers in the door, so I'm chocking this expenditure up as a necessary experimentation.

That's it for today. If you have any questions, let me know!


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